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Delivering the expertise you need, where you need it.

Driven by our passion and our Pattern of Excellence, MHM Health Consultancy has the resources to conduct global or local healthcare transformation projects.   We strongly believe in the local presence ethos, but it is the quality of our people that truly makes us stand out from the crowd. MHM Health Consultancy Ltd has helped companies from every sector of industry to enhance their profitability, save taxes and preserve wealth.



  Other Services 

Audit & Quality Assurance

Complaints, Claim and Compliance

Drug Safety /Pharmacovigilance Training & Support

Hygienic /Infection Control Review and Training

Interim Director Solution

Managed Care Contract Support

Performance Improvement

Project Leadership and Management Lab

Health and Safety/Manual Handling


Food Safety Training

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Clinical Operations Excellence

MHM Health Consultancy help public and private healthcare providers transform their day to day clinical operations to improve quality and implement cost efficiency strategies, taking a value-based approach and engaging and inspiring staff.

Topical Workshops

MHM Health Consultancy offers different types of workshops and round-table events that is designed to help high-performing managers t he opportunity to debate and develop partnerships to effect improvement and change within their industry

Digital Record Clinical Safety Assessment (CB 0129 and DCB 0160)

MHM Health Consultancy will help a healthcare provider, through the electronic health record (EHR) vendor process and demonstrate the value of the programs and services that you is offered to your organisation. 

Business Intelligence

MHM Health Consultants like to understand our clients Business Intelligence needs and their data journey, so we can help deliver the vision and guide on the latest business tools that will empower the organisation business insights.

Face to Face Training 

Our Face-to-face Training Courses

Our expert training team will travel to your venue or site  to offer you a range of bespoke courses that will suit your needs and budget.  Our partnership training incorporates both information sharing and experiential learning. We believe that by actively involving learners in all stages of the training will positively impact on their knowledge, skills and attitude.

Courses may be adapted with training delivered on consecutive days or over a period of time

Policy and Procedure Management

MHM Health Consultancy help to develop and implement best practices for managing healthcare documents including policies, contracts, educational materials, and clinical order sets. Let us guide you.

Performance Management

MHM Health Consultancy help hospitals implement agreed  strategies, operating models, and organisational milestones that sustain improvements in quality of care and boost staff morale and cost effectiveness.

Clinical Investigation & Incidents Review 

MHM Health Consultancy is a trusted and credible investigatory company.  Our breadth and depth of experience has helped us to become a market leader in this field. We conduct independent investigations and reviews in all sectors: acute, community, ambulance, specialist, primary care, mental health, private healthcare as well as in social care.

CRO- African or or Caribbean Patient Recruitment and Retention Services - Helping You Create a Healthier World by Engaging Patients and Supporting Sites

MHM Health Consultancy team will help your patient recruitment and retention strategy to fit the needs of your study. Our team will build a personalised solution from the ground up that meets the milestones and challenges of your individual clinical trial. Our experts know that patients of Africa or Caribbean recruitment and retention can be challenging. Our global network of trusted investigators, high-performing sites and deep patient databases along with a myriad of customised services help accelerate enrolment, sustain retention and ensure your study starts – and stays – on time.

Healthcare Management Solutions

MHM Health Consultancy believe in long-term management by introducing an effective system of management through which we can drive up standards of client care and so improve business performance. We have a proven track record of turning under-performing healthcare organisations big or small into high quality and commercially successful units.

Thanks for visiting! Call us Today:

UK - 0845 053 1735 /  Africa Region contact Ghana office -

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